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Kuji is focused on making items which can be produced in our own manufacturing facilities. This allows us to control costs, quality, and delivery very thoroughly at all stages of production. The following primary production processes are performed in house.


Plastic Injection

A total of 70 injection presses are on site ranging in size from 90 tonnes to 1500 tonnes. We are injectinga wide range of plastic materials including nylons, polycarbonates, TPU, TPE, PP and PVC's.

EPS Injection

EPS liners for bicycle, skate & snow helmet production is produced in house using 9 steam presses


Stamping & Bending Alloy/Steel

Alloy and steel parts for strollers, trailers, furniture products and other componants are produced on our stamping and bending presses.




Shell Cutting



Blow Moulding



Painting and Wind tunnel test

Printing / Painting

Product Assembly